About me

I am Eve Jacqueline Ifunanya Owulu. A fashion, cosmetic, hair and shoe lover. I can simply say I love looking good because it is a beautiful business. I found myself getting suckered into fashion, hairstyle, beauty and lifestyle blogs. Speaking of Cimdystyle, this is a place where I share things about myself and I will be very glad you share yours.


12 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hey….creativity at work.

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  2. beautiful gurl, keep slaying it.


  3. DANIEL AZINI said:

    Nice One!

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  4. Victor Juvicaz said:

    🙋Lovely 🙌 I see hairstyles I would rock.

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  5. Prince Adetomi said:

    Nice one Ify, good work you’ve with this and with yourself. #alubarika

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  6. Good.I’m really happy for you,just continue the good work .


  7. Nice…work…keep it up…


  8. Cornelius said:

    Good work. Keep it up

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  9. Lovely works keep it up.


  10. This is lovely girl…, am loving this.

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  11. One good way to be bettee in life is to join a team you can’t beat. Go girl. Make me want to blog more. Am loving this already.


  12. Happy for you……………… don’t give up!


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