1. Clean your skin. If you have acne, use the treatment you have been recommended for. If you don’t, use a general  scrub or cream wash to even out your skin. Don’t forget to moisture your skin, even if you don’t have dry skinIMG-20150730-WA0015
  2. Makeup
  3. Keep your nails looking nice IMG-20150730-WA0019
  4. Dress to impress
  5. Believe that you are beautiful. No one else will think so if you don’t


6. Wear anything you need to

7. Be nice to everyone

IMG-20150728-WA0005[1] IMG-20150728-WA0009[1]

8. Smile at people or give them  compliments

9. Before you do or say anything, think about if it will make that person feel awkward, embarrassed or upset.