There are different smoky eye techniques, I find the ones that fades from light to dark to be the hardest. If you are a beginner here is my tip to accomplish a smoky eye in minutes.

  • Use a single base color, it could be a dark brown, a gun metal gray any dark shade eye-shadow you like.. try to stay away from black matte eye shadow since I find it the hardest to blend. Grab the dark shade and apply it all over your lid up to your crease. be careful to not go pass the crease line.


  • Pick a lighter shade, it could be a cream or a beige and place it under your brow bone line. This will create an illusion of your bone to be bigger than it actually is.


  • Find a brown shade that is 2 tones darker than your skin. (make sure if your lid color is a dark brown, that this shade is a little lighter than the lid shade) Place this color right between the brow color and the lid color. You want to apply this on your crease, this step will define your eyes incredibly.


  • Pick a good blending brush (fluffy) and blend, blend and blend until you can’t tell when one color stars and the other one ends..


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